a comparison of the blood parasites in three subspecies of the yellow wagtail motacilla and eighty yellow wagtails motacilla flava belonging to 3 subspecies (motacilla flava feldegg, motacilla flava flava, motacilla flava thunbergi) were caught during the spring migration in south kazakhstan and investigated by microscopic examination of stained blood smears. haemoproteus anthi, haemoproteus motacillae, leucocytozoon fringillinarum, leucocytozoon majoris, plasmodium relictum, plasmodium polare, atoxoplasma sp., trypanosoma sp., and microfilariae were identified. the ove ...200111534666
blood parasites, body condition, and wing length in two subspecies of yellow wagtail (motacilla flava) during migration.blood parasites of migrating yellow wagtails of two subspecies--motacilla flava feldegg and motacilla flava flava-were studied on a sample of 473 birds caught in spring and autumn periods in bulgaria. we controlled eight "migration waves" (flocks captured in different evenings) of yellow wagtails for four parameters--average body mass, average fat level, average wing length, and average prevalence of different hematozoan species. gametocytes or meronts of a total of six species of hematozoa belo ...201222278726
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