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description of the first cryptic avian malaria parasite, plasmodium homocircumflexum n. sp., with experimental data on its virulence and development in avian hosts and mosquitoes.for over 100 years studies on avian haemosporidian parasite species have relied on similarities in their morphology to establish a species concept. some exceptional cases have also included information about the life cycle and sporogonic development. more than 50 avian plasmodium spp. have now been described. however, pcr-based studies show a much broader diversity of haemosporidian parasites, indicating the possible existence of a diverse group of cryptic species. in the present study, using bo ...201525449950
mortality and pathology in birds due to plasmodium (giovannolaia) homocircumflexum infection, with emphasis on the exoerythrocytic development of avian malaria parasites.species of avian malaria parasites (plasmodium) are widespread, but their virulence has been insufficiently investigated, particularly in wild birds. during avian malaria, several cycles of tissue merogony occur, and many plasmodium spp. produce secondary exoerythrocytic meronts (phanerozoites), which are induced by merozoites developing in erythrocytic meronts. phanerozoites markedly damage organs, but remain insufficiently investigated in the majority of described plasmodium spp. avian malaria ...201627146519
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