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morphological and molecular characterization of eimeria paludosa coccidian parasite (apicomplexa:eimeriidae) in a dusky moorhen (gallinula tenebrosa, gould, 1846) in eimeria species is described from a dusky moorhen (gallinula tenebrosa). sporulated oocysts (n = 40) are ovoid, with a pitted single-layered oocyst wall in young oocysts and a relatively smooth wall in the mature oocysts. oocyst wall was 1.0 µm thick, oocysts measured 17.3 × 13.3 (16.3-17.9 × 12.7-13.9) µm, oocyst length/width (l/w) ratio, 1.3. oocyst residuum was absent. a large polar granule was always observed in the centre of the micropyle and many small polar granules were observed when ...201425448356
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