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sarcocystis chloropusae (protozoa: sarcocystidae) n. sp. from the common moorhen (gallinula chloropus) from egypt.a new name sarcocystis chloropusae is proposed for a parasite previously found in two of 25 common moorhen (gallinula chloropus) from brolos lake, egypt. sarcocysts were microscopic, up to 650 μm long, the cyst wall was up to 4.5 μm thick, and contained villar protrusions that were up to 4 μm long and up to 2 μm wide. the villar protrusions were crowded, contained vesicles but lacked microtubules. the ground substance layer was smooth. the bradyzoites were up to 12 μm long and up to 2 μm wide. m ...201525823556
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