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novel haemoproteus species (haemosporida: haemoproteidae) from the swallow-tailed gull (lariidae), with remarks on the host range of hippoboscid-transmitted avian hemoproteids.haemoproteus (haemoproteus) jenniae n. sp. (haemosporida: haemoproteidae) is described from a galapagos bird, the swallow-tailed gull creagrus furcatus (charadriiformes, laridae), based on the morphology of its blood stages and segments of the mitochondrial cytochrome b (cyt b) gene. the most distinctive features of h. jenniae development are the circumnuclear gametocytes occupying all cytoplasmic space in infected erythrocytes and the presence of advanced, growing gametocytes in which the pelli ...201222324933
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