genetic evolution and transmission dynamics of clade highly pathogenic avian influenza a/h5n1 viruses in bangladesh.asian lineage a/h5n1 highly pathogenic avian influenza viruses (hpaivs) have been responsible for continuous outbreaks in bangladesh since 2007. although clades 2.2.2 and hpaivs have disappeared since poultry vaccination was introduced in 2012, clade viruses have continued to be detected in bangladesh. in this study, we identified a/h9n2 (n = 15), a/h5n1 (n = 19), and a/h5n1-a/h9n2 (n = 18) mixed viruses from live bird markets, chicken farms, and wild house crows (corvus splende ...202034127940
experimental infection and pathology of two highly pathogenic avian influenza h5n1 viruses isolated from crow and chicken in house crows (corvus splendens).we investigated the experimental infection of two highly pathogenic avian influenza h5n1 viruses isolated from crow (a/crow/assam/142119/2008) and chicken (a/chicken/sikkim/151466/2009) in house crows (corvus splendens). both viruses caused infection in crows, where four out of six and three out of six crows succumbed to h5n1 infection within 11 days post challenge by crow and chicken viruses, respectively. the major clinical signs in crows were wing paralysis, circling and torticollis. the viru ...202032985206
are poultry or wild birds the main reservoirs for avian influenza in bangladesh?avian influenza viruses (aiv) are of great socioeconomic and health concern, notably in southeast asia where highly pathogenic strains, such as highly pathogenic avian influenza (hpai) h5n1 and other h5 and h7 aivs, continue to occur. wild bird migrants are often implicated in the maintenance and spread of aiv. however, little systematic surveillance of wild birds has been conducted in southeast asia to evaluate whether the prevalence of aiv in wild birds is higher than in other parts of the wor ...201728620679
investigating a crow die-off in january-february 2011 during the introduction of a new clade of highly pathogenic avian influenza virus h5n1 into bangladesh.we investigated unusual crow mortality in bangladesh during january-february 2011 at two sites. crows of two species, corvus splendens and c. macrorhynchos, were found sick and dead during the outbreaks. in selected crow roosts, morbidity was ~1 % and mortality was ~4 % during the investigation. highly pathogenic avian influenza virus h5n1 clade was isolated from dead crows. all isolates were closely related to a/duck/india/02ca10/2011 (h5n1) with 99.8 % and a/crow/bangladesh/11rs1984-15 ...201424081824
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