the complete mitochondrial genome sequence of eimeria innocua (eimeriidae, coccidia, apicomplexa).the complete mitochondrial genome of eimeria innocua kr strain (eimeriidae, coccidia, apicomplexa) was sequenced. this coccidium infects turkeys (meleagris gallopavo), bobwhite quails (colinus virginianus), and grey partridges (perdix perdix). genome organization and gene contents were comparable with other eimeria spp. infecting galliform birds. the circular-mapping mt genome of e. innocua is 6247 bp in length with three protein-coding genes (cox1, cox3, and cytb), 19 gene fragments encoding la ...201626099978
coccidia of turkey: from isolation, characterisation and comparison to molecular phylogeny and molecular diagnostics.coccidiosis is a disease caused by apicomplexan parasites of the genus eimeria, which has a significant economic impact on poultry production. multiple species infecting the turkey have been described; however, due to the general lack of unambiguous description, their identification and taxonomy is debatable. in this work, a systematic approach was taken to isolate, characterise and compare coccidian species in the turkey. individual species were tracked according to their unique 18s ribosomal d ...201425020103
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