surveillance for eurasian-origin and intercontinental reassortant highly pathogenic influenza a viruses in alaska, spring and summer 2015.eurasian-origin and intercontinental reassortant highly pathogenic (hp) influenza a viruses (iavs) were first detected in north america in wild, captive, and domestic birds during november-december 2014. detections of hp viruses in wild birds in the contiguous united states and southern canadian provinces continued into winter and spring of 2015 raising concerns that migratory birds could potentially disperse viruses to more northerly breeding areas where they could be maintained to eventually s ...201627036114
evidence that life history characteristics of wild birds influence infection and exposure to influenza a viruses.we report on life history characteristics, temporal, and age-related effects influencing the frequency of occurrence of avian influenza (ai) viruses in four species of migratory geese breeding on the yukon-kuskokwim delta, alaska. emperor geese (chen canagica), cackling geese (branta hutchinsii), greater white-fronted geese (anser albifrons), and black brant (branta bernicla), were all tested for active infection of ai viruses upon arrival in early may, during nesting in june, and while molting ...201323469210
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