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pathogenicity of a hong kong-origin h5n1 highly pathogenic avian influenza virus for emus, geese, ducks, and pigeons.the h5n1 type a influenza viruses that emerged in hong kong in 1997 are a unique lineage of type a influenza viruses with the capacity to transmit directly from chickens to humans and produce significant disease and mortality in both of these hosts. the objective of this study was to ascertain the susceptibility of emus (dramaius novaehollandiae), domestic geese (anser anser domesticus), domestic ducks (anas platyrhynchos), and pigeons (columba livia) to intranasal (i.n.) inoculation with the a/ ...200211924603
[complex environmental and virological monitoring in the primorye territory in 2003-2006].the paper presents the results of monitoring of viruses of western nile (wn), japanese encephalitis (je), tick-borne encephalitis (tbe), geta, influenza a, as well as avian paramicroviruses type i (virus of newcastle disease (nd)) and type 6 (apmv-6) in the primorye territory in 2003-2006. totally throughout the period, specific antibodies to the viruses were detected by neutralization test in wild birds (7.3%, wn; 8.0%, geta; 0.7% batai; 2.8%, alpine hare (lepus timidus); by hemagglutination-in ...200718041224
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