avian influenza surveillance in hunter-harvested waterfowl from the gulf coast of texas (november 2005-january 2006).the objectives of our study were to determine prevalence of avian influenza viruses (aiv) on wintering grounds on the texas gulf coast, usa, and to compare real-time reverse-transcriptase polymerase chain reaction (rrt-pcr) and virus isolation for detection of aiv in cloacal swabs from wild waterfowl. cloacal swabs were collected from hunter-harvested waterfowl from november 2005 to january 2006 at four wildlife management areas. seven aiv were isolated from four species of ducks: green-winged t ...200818436675
effects of ph, temperature, and salinity on persistence of avian influenza viruses in water.the combined effects of water temperature, salinity, and ph on persistence of avian influenza virus (aiv) were evaluated in a model distilled-water system using three isolates from ducks sampled in cameron parish, louisiana. variables were tested within the ranges normally associated with surface water. differences were detected between temperature (17 c and 28 c), ph (6.2, 7.2, 8.2), and salinity (0 ppt and 20 ppt), with a strong interactive effect observed between ph and salinity. estimated pe ...19902142421
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