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hematozoa of the anatidae of the atlantic flyway. ii. tthe maritime provinces of canada.the prevalence of hematozoa (diagnosed from blood films) in a sample of 4200 anatids representing 14 species collected in new brunswick, nova scotia and prince edward island during the period 1969-1973 is given. thirty percent of the birds harboured hematozoa; the commonest blood parasite was haemoproteus (parahaemoproteus) nettionis (in 18% of the sample), followed by leucocytozoom simondi (in 14% of the sample). four species of plasmodium occurred in 5% of the sample-plasmodium circumflexum wa ...1975806712
blood parasitemia in a south texas wintering waterfowl population.eleven species of wintering waterfowl were trapped on the welder wildlife foundation, san patricio county, texas, between october, 1976 and may, 1977. blood films were made from 580 ducks. leucocytozoon simondi, haemoproteus nettionis, plasmodium circumflexum, and a microfilaria were found in three species. these blood parasites occurred in 70 lesser scaups (aythya affinis), 12 blue-winged teals (anas discors), and 3 ring-necked ducks (aythya collaris). there was no difference in the rates of i ...19806768901
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