avian influenza a viruses in birds --an ecological, ornithological and virological view.avian influenza a viruses (aiv) are the causative agents of the presently most important poultry disease. ten countries in asia and several other countries in eastern europe suffer high losses from the lethal effects of these viruses of the h5n1 subtype. aiv of other subtypes cause in additional countries severe losses. the threat to health and well-being of the avifauna, domestic poultry and possibly mammals including humans are worldwide of major concern. the european union reacted with a comp ...200516425630
the influenza a virus protein ns1 displays structural polymorphism.ns1 of influenza a virus is a potent antagonist of host antiviral interferon responses. this multifunctional protein with two distinctive domains, an rna-binding domain (rbd) and an effector domain (ed) separated by a linker region (lr), is implicated in replication, pathogenesis, and host range. although the structures of individual domains of ns1 from different strains of influenza viruses have been reported, the only structure of full-length ns1 available to date is from an h5n1 strain (a/vie ...201424478439
demographic and spatiotemporal patterns of avian influenza infection at the continental scale, and in relation to annual life cycle of a migratory host.since the spread of highly pathogenic avian influenza (hpai) h5n1 in the eastern hemisphere, numerous surveillance programs and studies have been undertaken to detect the occurrence, distribution, or spread of avian influenza viruses (aiv) in wild bird populations worldwide. to identify demographic determinants and spatiotemporal patterns of aiv infection in long distance migratory waterfowl in north america, we fitted generalized linear models with binominal distribution to analyze results from ...201526110538
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