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risk factors for seropositivity to h5 avian influenza virus in ostrich farms in the western cape province, south a 2005 serological survey, carried out in response to an outbreak of h5n2 avian influenza (ai) in ostriches in the eastern cape province, 16.3% of ostrich farms in the western cape province of south africa were found to be seropositive to h5 ai virus. we subsequently carried out a questionnaire-based census survey on all available registered western cape ostrich farms that still existed at the end of 2005 (367 farms, of which 82 were seropositive), in order to identify risk factors associated ...200818486977
phylogenetic analysis of influenza a viruses (h6n8, h1n8, h4n2, h9n2, h10n7) isolated from wild birds, ducks, and ostriches in south africa from 2007 to 2009.influenza a strains emerging from wild birds are a constant threat to south africa's valuable ostrich industry. in 2004 and again in 2006, low pathogenicity avian influenza h5n2 strains introduced from a wild bird reservoir mutated in ostriches to high pathogenicity avian influenza (hpai), with serious economic consequences and export bans imposed by the european union. although no outbreaks of notifiable avian influenza have occurred in south africa since 2006, the h9n2 virus caused a localized ...201020521652
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