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experimental infection and serologic survey for selected paramyxoviruses in red-winged blackbirds (agelaius phoeniceus).red-winged blackbirds (agelaius phoeniceus) were experimentally exposed to three avian paramyxoviruses: turkey parainfluenza virus, yucaipa virus, and two strains of newcastle disease virus. aerosol exposure resulted in infection but exposure in food or drinking water rarely or never did. tracheal swabs contained virus for up to eight days post exposure, cloacal swabs were negative. transmission to contact birds occurred infrequently. antibody response was of low titer and short duration. no hem ...19806246286
experimental newcastle disease virus infections in three species of wild birds.three species of wild birds--the red-winged blackbird (agelaius phoeniceus), an african weaver finch (quelea quelea), and the sandhill crane (grus canadensis)--were exposed to newcastle disease virus (ndv) to determine susceptibility and host response. the ndv used were a vaccine strain (lasota) and a viscerotropic velogenic strain (new york parrot). host response was monitored by virus isolation, signs of disease, and serologic response. both the red-winged blackbirds and the quelea shed little ...1979486009
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