avian polymavirus in wild birds: genome analysis of isolates from falconiformes and psittaciformes.avian polyomavirus (apv) infections have been reported to cause fatal disease in a wide range of psittacine species. here we demonstrate apv infections in buzzards (buteo buteo) and in a falcon (falco tinnunculus) found dead in germany, and in lovebirds (agapornis pullaria) with fatal disease, wild-caught in moçambique. apv infection in buzzards was determined by pcr amplification of parts of the viral genome followed by southern blot hybridisation. the genomes of the isolates obtained from the ...19989739329
fatal avian polyomavirus infection during quarantine in adult wild-caught red-faced lovebirds (agapornis pullaria).an outbreak of avian polyomavirus infection is reported in a group of six wild-caught red-faced lovebirds (agapornis pullaria), all of which died during quarantine. the birds had not shown any previous symptoms. histologic examination of the lungs, kidneys, livers, and spleens revealed the presence of basophilic intranuclear inclusions. avian polyomavirus was isolated from the liver and the spleen. neutralizing antibodies were detected in the sera from other lovebirds (agapornis personata, agapo ...19979201423
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