spatial assessment of the potential risk of avian influenza a virus infection in three raptor species in japan.avian influenza a, a highly pathogenic avian influenza, is a lethal infection in certain species of wild birds, including some endangered species. raptors are susceptible to avian influenza, and spatial risk assessment of such species may be valuable for conservation planning. we used the maximum entropy approach to generate potential distribution models of three raptor species from presence-only data for the mountain hawk-eagle nisaetus nipalensis, northern goshawk accipiter gentilis and peregr ...201626972333
host-specific exposure and fatal neurologic disease in wild raptors from highly pathogenic avian influenza virus h5n1 during the 2006 outbreak in germany.raptors may contract highly pathogenic avian influenza virus h5n1 by hunting or scavenging infected prey. however, natural h5n1 infection in raptors is rarely reported. therefore, we tested raptors found dead during an h5n1 outbreak in wild waterbirds in mecklenburg-western pomerania, germany, in 2006 for h5n1-associated disease. we tested 624 raptors of nine species-common buzzard (385), eurasian sparrowhawk (111), common kestrel (38), undetermined species of buzzard (36), white-tailed sea eagl ...201525879698
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