[infections with helminths and/or protozoa in cats in animal shelters in the netherlands].to determine the prevalence of infections with helminths and protozoa in cats in animal shelters, faecal samples from 305 cats from 22 animal shelters in the netherlands were examined, using a centrifugation-sedimentation-flotation-technique. the association between potential risk factors and the occurrence of an infection was also tested. infections with helminths and/or protozoa were found in 160 samples (52.5%). toxocara cati was found in 86 cats (28.2%), cystoisospora felis in 59 cats (19.3% ...200414737808
gastrointestinal parasites of stray cats in kashan, iran.considering the role of parasites in contamination of human beings and domestic animals and lack of information in the region, the present study was performed to investigate the infection status of helminthes and protozoa of stray cats in central iran. a cross - sectional study was conducted on 113 stray cats trapped from different geographic regions of kashan during four seasons and were necropsied. different organs including: kidney, heart, liver, lungs, gastrointestinal tract and abdominal ca ...200919696723
prevalence of endoparasites in household cat (felis catus) populations from transylvania (romania) and association with risk factors.there is no current information regarding the prevalence of parasites in romanian cats. consequently, we conducted a study to evaluate the prevalence of endoparasites in a sample of household cats in the transylvania region, to point out the risk factors for parasite infection and to evaluate the knowledge of cat owners about the zoonotic potential of some parasites. four hundred fourteen faecal samples were collected and examined by sodium chloride flotation followed by microscopy. also, questi ...201020381250
efficacy of emodepside/toltrazuril suspension (procox® oral suspension for dogs) against mixed experimental isospora felis/isospora rivolta infection in cats.the coccidia isospora felis and isospora rivolta are intestinal parasites occurring worldwide in domestic cats. in young cats, they can be detected with higher prevalence.the effects of toltrazuril in the new combination product procox(®) oral suspension for dogs containing 0.1 % emodepside and 2 % toltrazuril (0.9 mg emodepside?+?18 mg toltrazuril per ml) were studied in eighteen kittens experimentally infected each with a total of 1 x 10(5) oocysts of a mixture of isospora felis and isospora r ...201121739373
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