coccidia of the domestic goat (capra hircus) in saudi arabia.faeces of 228 domestic goats (capra hircus) from the central region of saudi arabia were examined for the presence of coccidian oocysts. ten species of coccidia were identified and described. a total of 90.3% of the specimens were positive, most of them contained 100-1000 oocysts per g of faecal sample. kids less than 1 year old had higher oocyst counts than goatlings or adult goats. mixed infections with three to five species were found in 69.7% of the specimens and six to eight species were fo ...19921428514
enteric coccidia of cashmere goats in southwestern montana, usa.a survey of enteric coccidia was made in a cashmere goat herd in montana, usa. eimerian oocysts were found in 97.2% of 616 fecal samples. newly weaned wethers and does had higher oocyst counts than yearling wethers. nine eimeria species were identified, with eimeria arloingi, eimeria ninakohlyakimovae and eimeria alijevi jointly comprising 88.3% of all oocysts recovered. these three species and eimeria hirci were present in all specimens examined. prevalence of the other species was as follows: ...19947886912
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