spiroplasma ixodetis sp. nov., a new species from ixodes pacificus ticks collected in oregon.eight strains of mollicutes were isolated from pooled suspensions prepared from western black-legged ticks (ixodes pacificus) collected in oregon. morphologic examination by electron and dark-field microscopic techniques showed that each strain consisted of a mixture of motile, tightly coiled helical cells, small coccoid cells with diameters ranging from 300 to 500 nm, and pleomorphic, straight or branched filamentous forms. all cellular forms were surrounded by a single cytoplasmic membrane, an ...19957857803
[distribution of cytoplasmically inherited bacteria spiroplasma causing female bias in the eurasian populations of adalia bipunctata].two-spot ladybirds adalia bipunctata were collected from the populations of western and eastern europe and central asia. the agent killing males at the early embryonic stage in these populations was identified as bacteria of the genus spiroplasma. bacteria found in a. bipunctata proved to be phylogenetically related to spiroplasma ixodetis (typical line y-32) found in tick ixodes pacificus but not to spiroplasma causing the death of male embryos in drosophila.200010752031
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