the genome sequence of parrot bornavirus 5.although several new avian bornaviruses have recently been described, information on their evolution, virulence, and sequence are often limited. here we report the complete genome sequence of parrot bornavirus 5 (pabv-5) isolated from a case of proventricular dilatation disease in a palm cockatoo (probosciger aterrimus). the complete genome consists of 8842 nucleotides with distinct 5' and 3' end sequences. this virus shares nucleotide sequence identities of 69-74 % with other bornaviruses in th ...201526403158
detection of avian bornavirus 5 rna in eclectus roratus with feather picking disorder.avian bornavirus (abv) was discovered recently in parrots with proventricular dilatation disease (pdd), a fatal neurological disease. although abv has been shown to be a causative agent of pdd, its virological characteristics are largely unknown. here we report the detection of abv genotype 5 rna in an eclectus roratus with feather picking disorder (fpd). interestingly, although the bird was persistently infected with abv5 for at least 8 months, it had no clinical signs of pdd. although it remai ...201222309239
sequence determination of a new parrot bornavirus-5 strain in japan: implications of clade-specific sequence diversity in the regions interacting with host this study, the genome sequence of a new parrot bornavirus-5 (pabv-5) detected in eclectus roratus was determined. phylogenetic analysis showed that the genus bornavirus is divided into three major clades and that pabv-5 belongs to clade 2, which contains avian viruses that exhibit infectivity to mammalian cells. sequence comparisons of the regions known to interact with host factors indicated that the clade 2 avian viruses possess sequences intermediate between the clade 1 mammalian viruses ...201627166599
coding-complete sequencing classifies parrot bornavirus 5 into a novel virus this study, we determined the sequence of the coding region of an avian bornavirus detected in a blue-and-yellow macaw (ara ararauna) with pathological/histopathological changes characteristic of proventricular dilatation disease. the genomic organization of the macaw bornavirus is similar to that of other bornaviruses, and its nucleotide sequence is nearly identical to the available partial parrot bornavirus 5 (pabv-5) sequences. phylogenetic analysis showed that these strains formed a monop ...201526282234
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