studies on the parasitic helminths of korea: iii. nematodes and cestodes of rodents.a survey for nematode and cestode parasites of rodents in korea has been carried out at the areas of chulwon, kumwha, pochon, paju and chungpyong, kyunggi-do. a total of 300 rodents of seven species was examined, comprising of 219 a. agrarius, 33 r. norvegicus, 8 r. alexandrinus, 14 mus musculus yamashinai, microtus fortis pellceus, 21 crocidura russula and a cricetulus trition nester. the following fifteen species belonging to thirteen genera were identified. nematoda: heterakis spumosa, syphac ...196812913546
survey on wild rodents for endoparasites in iwate prefecture, japan.wild rodents (58 apodemus speciosus, 29 a. argenteus and 7 microtus montebelli) were surveyed for endoparasites in iwate prefecture, japan, from october to december 1995 and from april to october 1996. two trematodes (echinostoma macrorchis, plagiorchis muris), 4 or more cestodes (hymenolepis diminuta, raillietina coreensis, cladothyridium spp., cysticercus fasciolaris), 12 nematodes (carolinensis minutus, eucoleus sp., heligmosomoides kurilensis, h. protobullosus, h. speciosus, heterakis spumos ...200314600361
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