growth inhibition of candida species by wickerhamomyces anomalus mycocin and a lactone compound of aureobasidium pullulans.the increasing resistance of candida yeasts towards antifungal compounds and the limited choice of therapeutic drugs have spurred great interest amongst the scientific community to search for alternative anti-candida compounds. mycocins and fungal metabolites have been reported to have the potential for treatment of fungal infections. in this study, the growth inhibition of candida species by a mycocin produced by wickerhamomyces anomalus and a lactone compound from aureobasidium pullulans were ...201425380692
diversity of culturable yeasts in phylloplane of sugarcane in thailand and their capability to produce indole-3-acetic acid.yeasts were isolated by the enrichment technique from the phylloplane of 94 samples of sugarcane leaf collected from seven provinces in thailand. all sugarcane leaf samples contained yeasts and 158 yeast strains were obtained. on the basis of the d1/d2 domain of the large subunit rrna gene sequence analysis, 144 strains were identified to 24 known species in 14 genera belonging to the ascomycota viz. candida akabanensis, candida dendronema, candida mesorugosa, candida michaelii, candida nivarien ...201424442819
description of diutina gen. nov., diutina siamensis, f.a. sp. nov., and reassignment of candida catenulata, candida mesorugosa, candida neorugosa, candida pseudorugosa, candida ranongensis, candida rugosa and candida scorzettiae to the genus diutina.three strains (dmku-re28, dmku-re43t and dmku-re123) of a novel anamorphic yeast species were isolated from rice leaf tissue collected in thailand. dna sequence analysis demonstrated that the species forms a sister pair with candida ranongensis cbs 10861t but differs by 24-30 substitutions in the lsu rrna gene d1/d2 domains and 30-35 substitutions in the its region. a phylogenetic analysis based on both the small and the large rrna gene subunits confirmed this connection and demonstrated the pre ...201526410375
the isolation of candida rugosa and candida mesorugosa from clinical samples in ghana.members of the candida rugosa species complex have been described as emerging fungal pathogens and are responsible for a growing number of candida infections. in this communication we report the isolation of candida rugosa and candida mesorugosa in ghana. to the best of our knowledge this is the first description of this species complex from a clinical setting in africa.the isolates were identified on the basis of their rrna gene internal transcribed spacer (its) sequences. for one isolate, obta ...201626705831
systematic review and new insights into the molecular characterization of the candida rugosa species complex.recently, candida rugosa was characterized as a species complex comprising four taxa: c. rugosa sensu stricto, candida pseudorugosa, candida neorugosa and candida mesorugosa. although considered relatively rare, several clusters of candidemia due to c. rugosa complex had been reported presenting mortality rates close to 70%. in this work we discuss the systematization, phenotyping and molecular methods based on internal transcribed spacer region (its) sequencing and proteomic analyses for specie ...201324161727
candida mesorugosa sp. nov., a novel yeast species similar to candida rugosa, isolated from a tertiary hospital in brazil.candida rugosa is a yeast species that is emerging as a causative agent of invasive infection, particularly in latin america. recently, c. pseudorugosa was proposed as a new species closely related to c. rugosa. we evaluated in this investigation the genetic heterogeneity within the c. rugosa species complex. all clinical isolates used in this study were identified phenotypically as c. rugosa but were genotypically different from the c. rugosa type, atcc 10571. rapd marker analysis revealed less ...201322928924
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