endohelminths in cichla piquiti (perciformes, cichlidae) from the paraná river, são paulo state, brazil.fifty specimens of cichla piquiti were collected from the paraná river downstream of the ilha solteira hydroelectric power station in brazil and surveyed for endohelminth parasites. all fish were parasitised by at least one helminth species (overall prevalence [p] = 100%). eight parasite taxa were present: the nematode procamallanus (procamallanus) peraccuratus in the intestines; third-stage larvae of the anisakids contracaecum sp. and hysterothylacium sp. in the visceral cavity, mesentery and s ...201424473871
infection levels of proteocephalidean cestodes in cichla piquiti (osteichthyes: cichlidae) of the volta grande reservoir, minas gerais, brazil, relative to host body weight and gender.we evaluated the relationship between infection by proteocephalid cestodes and the sex and weight classes of tucunaré (cichla piquiti) captured between august 1999 and june 2001 in the volta grande reservoir, minas gerais, brazil. a total of 96 fish, 75.9 ± 9.3% males and 88.9 ± 6.4% females, were parasitized by proteocephalus macrophallus and p. microscopicus, with total mean intensities of 76.6 ± 23.9 and 145.2 ± 36.7, respectively, during this period. in the majority of the months analysed, m ...201121208512
proteocephalid cestode infection in alien fish, cichla piquiti kullander and ferreira, 2006 (osteichthyes: cichlidae), from volta grande reservoir, minas gerais, brazil.this work evaluates the variation of the parasitological indexes in 114 cichla piquiti kullander and ferreira, 2006 (tucunaré) infected by two proteocephalid species (cestoda) for the period of august 1999 to june 2001 in the volta grande reservoir, mg, brazil. the relation between the parasitosis with rainfall and water quality (ph, electric conductivity, oxygen, chlorophyll, transparency and temperature) is discussed. prevalence of proteocephalus macrophallus (diesing, 1850) and/or p. microsco ...200919347164
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