immunological responses of the toad, xenopus laevis, to the antigens of the ciliate, tetrahymena pyriformis. 19684176105
aster formation in eggs of xenopus laevis. induction by isolated basal bodies.we have assayed various materials for their ability to induce aster formation by microinjection into unfertilized eggs of xenopus laevis. we have found that purified basal bodies from chlamydomonas reinhardtii and tetrahymena pyriformis induce the formation of asters and irregular cleavage furrows within 1 h after injection. other microtubule structures such as flagella, flagellar axonemes, cilia, and brain microtubules are completely ineffective at inducing asters or cleavage furrows in unferti ...19751236852
an immunocytochemical method for the visualization of tubulin-containing structures in the egg of xenopus laevis.tubulin can be isolated and purified from xenopus laevis eggs through modification of olmstedt's (1970) tubulin isolation method, viz. by repeating the vinblastin precipitation step after resuspension of the sediment in a detergent-containing stabilizing medium. by this we overcome the deleterious influence of the yolk granules in the isolation procedure. from 11 of xenopus laevis eggs 25 mg vb-paracrystals can be obtained. the apparent molecular weight of the purified tubulin is 52,800. antiser ...19826762372
sequence differences between histones of procyclic trypanosoma brucei brucei and higher eukaryotes.four histones, a, b, c, d from procyclic trypanosoma brucei brucei, which show similarities with the amino acid composition of the core histones h3, h2a, h2b and h4, were isolated and cleaved with endoproteinase glu-c. the fragments were separated by fplc reversed phase chromatography and a subset of the fragments (a5, a9, b6, c8, d3, d9, d11) was subjected to sequence analysis. a 54-71% identity was found in the sequences of the fragment c8 and the c-terminal half of h2b and of three fragments ...19921437281
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