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susceptibility of the european common frog rana temporaria to a panel of ranavirus isolates from fish and amphibian hosts.ranaviruses are an emerging group of viruses and have been implicated in an increase of epidemics in susceptible species. they have a wide host range, infecting fish, amphibians and reptiles, with some isolates able to infect multiple species from different animal classes. whilst some information exists on the pathogenicity of ranaviruses to novel hosts, there is none on the pathogenicity of fish ranaviruses to amphibians; this information is needed to develop measures to prevent the further spr ...201323574703
screening of a long-term sample set reveals two ranavirus lineages in british herpetofauna.reports of severe disease outbreaks in amphibian communities in mainland europe due to strains of the common midwife toad virus (cmtv)-like clade of ranavirus are increasing and have created concern due to their considerable population impacts. in great britain, viruses in another clade of ranavirus-frog virus 3 (fv3)-like-have caused marked declines of common frog (rana temporaria) populations following likely recent virus introductions. the british public has been reporting mortality incidents ...201728931029
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