low detection of ranavirus dna in wild postmetamorphic green frogs, rana (lithobates) clamitans, despite previous or concurrent tadpole mortality.ranavirus (iridoviridae) infection is a significant cause of mortality in amphibians. detection of infected individuals, particularly carriers, is necessary to prevent and control outbreaks. recently, the use of toe clips to detect ranavirus infection through pcr was proposed as an alternative to the more frequently used lethal liver sampling in green frogs (rana [lithobates] clamitans). we attempted reevaluate the use of toe clips, evaluate the potential use of blood onto filter paper and hepat ...201324502715
frog virus 3 prevalence in tadpole populations inhabiting cattle-access and non-access wetlands in tennessee, usa.ranaviruses have been associated with most of the reported larval anuran die-offs in the united states. it is hypothesized that anthropogenically induced stress may increase pathogen prevalence in amphibian populations by compromising immunity. cattle use of wetlands may stress resident tadpole populations by reducing water quality. we isolated a ranavirus from green frog rana clamitans (n = 80) and american bullfrog r. catesbeiana (n = 104) tadpoles collected at 5 cattle-access and 3 non-access ...200717972750
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