ranavirus phylogenomics: signatures of recombination and inversions among bullfrog ranaculture isolates.ranaviruses are emerging pathogens of fish, amphibians, and reptiles that threaten aquatic animal industries and wildlife worldwide. our objective was to genetically characterize ranaviruses isolated during separate bullfrog lithobates catesbeianus die-offs that occurred eight years apart on the same north american farm. the earlier outbreak was due to a highly pathogenic strain of common midwife toad virus (cmtv) previously known only from europe and china. the later outbreak was due to a chime ...201728803676
selected emerging diseases of amphibia.this review summarizes the most recent updates on emerging infectious diseases of amphibia. a brief summary of batrachochytrium dendrobatidis history, epidemiology, pathogenesis, life cycle, diagnosis, treatment, and biosecurity is provided. ambystoma tigrinum virus, common midwife toad virus, frog virus 3, rana grylio virus, rana catesbeiana ranavirus, mahaffey road virus, rana esculenta virus, bohle iridovirus, and tiger frog virus ranaviruses are extensively reviewed. emerging bacterial patho ...201323642863
susceptibility of fish and turtles to three ranaviruses isolated from different ectothermic vertebrate classes.ranaviruses have been associated with mortality of lower vertebrates around the world. frog virus 3 (fv3)-like ranaviruses have been isolated from different ectothermic vertebrate classes; however, few studies have demonstrated whether this pathogen can be transmitted among classes. using fv3-like ranaviruses isolated from the american bullfrog lithobates catesbeianus, eastern box turtle terrapene carolina carolina, and pallid sturgeon scaphirhynchus albus, we tested for the occurrence of interc ...201424895866
co-infection by alveolate parasites and frog virus 3-like ranavirus during an amphibian larval mortality event in florida, usa.a multispecies amphibian larval mortality event, primarily affecting american bullfrogs lithobates catesbeianus, was investigated during april 2011 at the mike roess gold head branch state park, clay county, florida, usa. freshly dead and moribund tadpoles had hemorrhagic lesions around the vent and on the ventral body surface, with some exhibiting a swollen abdomen. bullfrogs (100%), southern leopard frogs l. sphenocephalus (33.3%), and gopher frogs l. capito (100%) were infected by alveolate p ...201323872853
amphibian and piscine iridoviruses proposal for nomenclature and taxonomy based on molecular and biological properties.we have compared a number of properties of the well-characterized iridovirus, frog virus 3, with two other iridoviruses from amphibia, bullfrog edema virus and lucké triturus virus, and with a piscine iridovirus, goldfish virus (gfv), to provide information for developing taxonomic classification of these viruses and establishing their ecological niche. purified virions had similar size and shape (icosahedral) for each virus, and the genomic dnas of each virus were methylated by a virus-induced ...19892550386
identification and determination of antigenic proteins of korean ranavirus-1 (krv-1) using maldi-tof/tof ms analysis.ranaviruses are serious pathogens of fish, amphibians, and reptiles, and pose a major threat to global biodiversity. a ranavirus isolated from tissues of diseased tadpoles and frogs in gangwon province, korea, in 2006 and 2007, was designated korean ranavirus-1 (krv-1) and was infectious in a variety of fish cell lines with highest titers (10(10)tcid(50)/ml) in epithelioma papulosum cyprini cells (epcs) and baby hamster kidney-21 (bhk-21) cells. bullfrog (rana catesbeiana) tadpoles challenged by ...201121388683
rana catesbeiana virus z (rcv-z): a novel pathogenic ranavirus.a virus, designated rana catesbeiana virus z (rcv-z), was isolated from the visceral tissue of moribund tadpoles of the north american bullfrog rana catesbeiana. sds-page (sodium dodecyl sulfate polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis) analysis of viral proteins and sequence analysis of the amino terminal end of the major capsid protein showed that rcv-z was similar to frog virus 3 (fv3) and other ranaviruses isolated from anurans and fish. however, analysis of restriction fragment profiles following ...200617240747
amphibian ocular malformation associated with frog virus 3.during an on-going amphibian ecology study, a free-ranging american bullfrog (rana catesbeiana) metamorph was captured in a pitfall trap adjacent to a constructed farm pond at the plateau research and education center (prec) on the cumberland plateau near crossville, tennessee, usa. grossly, the right eye was approximately 50% the size of the left. stereo and light microscopic examination revealed two granulomas within the orbit. electron microscopic examination revealed virus particles scattere ...200817604194
frog virus 3 infection, cultured american bullfrogs. 200717479910
mass mortality associated with a frog virus 3-like ranavirus infection in farmed tadpoles rana catesbeiana from brazil.ranaviruses (iridoviridae) are increasingly associated with mortality events in amphibians, fish, and reptiles. they have been recently associated with mass mortality events in brazilian farmed tadpoles of the american bullfrog rana catesbeiana shaw, 1802. the objectives of the present study were to further characterize the virus isolated from sick r. catesbeiana tadpoles and confirm the etiology in these outbreaks. sick tadpoles were collected in 3 farms located in goiás state, brazil, from 200 ...200920066953
phylogeny, life history, and ecology contribute to differences in amphibian susceptibility to ranaviruses.research that identifies the potential host range of generalist pathogens as well as variation in host susceptibility is critical for understanding and predicting the dynamics of infectious diseases within ecological communities. ranaviruses have been linked to amphibian die-off events worldwide with the greatest number of reported mortality events occurring in the united states. while reports of ranavirus-associated mortality events continue to accumulate, few data exist comparing the relative ...201122071720
frog virus 3 prevalence in tadpole populations inhabiting cattle-access and non-access wetlands in tennessee, usa.ranaviruses have been associated with most of the reported larval anuran die-offs in the united states. it is hypothesized that anthropogenically induced stress may increase pathogen prevalence in amphibian populations by compromising immunity. cattle use of wetlands may stress resident tadpole populations by reducing water quality. we isolated a ranavirus from green frog rana clamitans (n = 80) and american bullfrog r. catesbeiana (n = 104) tadpoles collected at 5 cattle-access and 3 non-access ...200717972750
cytoplasmic localization of the dna virus frog erythrocytic situ hybridization, using a biotinylated clone of frog erythrocytic virus (fev), was conducted to determine the location of viral sequences in bullfrog erythrocytes. fev-specific hybridization signals were found to correspond to mature cytoplasmic viral particles and assembly sites. these data are consistent with electron microscopic observations of viral assembly in the erythrocyte cytoplasm. although fev has morphological and biochemical properties similar to frog virus 3, our data suggest ...19921500276
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