genomic sequence of a ranavirus (family iridoviridae) associated with salamander mortalities in north america.disease is among the suspected causes of amphibian population declines, and an iridovirus and a chytrid fungus are the primary pathogens associated with amphibian mortalities. ambystoma tigrinum virus (atv) and a closely related strain, regina ranavirus (rrv), are implicated in salamander die-offs in arizona and canada, respectively. we report the complete sequence of the atv genome and partial sequence of the rrv genome. sequence analysis of the atv/rrv genomes showed marked similarity to other ...200314599794
a broadly applicable method to characterize large dna viruses and adenoviruses based on the dna polymerase gene.many viral pathogens are poorly characterized, are difficult to culture or reagents are lacking for confirmatory diagnoses. we have developed and tested a robust assay for detecting and characterizing large dna viruses and adenoviruses. the assay is based on the use of degenerate pcr to target a gene common to these viruses, the dna polymerase, and sequencing the products.200616608526
complete sequence determination of a novel reptile iridovirus isolated from soft-shelled turtle and evolutionary analysis of iridoviridae.soft-shelled turtle iridovirus (stiv) is the causative agent of severe systemic diseases in cultured soft-shelled turtles (trionyx sinensis). to our knowledge, the only molecular information available on stiv mainly concerns the highly conserved stiv major capsid protein. the complete sequence of the stiv genome is not yet available. therefore, determining the genome sequence of stiv and providing a detailed bioinformatic analysis of its genome content and evolution status will facilitate furthe ...200919439104
tiger frog virus (an iridovirus) entry into hepg2 cells via a ph-dependent, atypical caveola-mediated endocytosis pathway.tiger frog virus (tfv), in the genus ranavirus of the family iridoviridae, causes high mortality of cultured tiger frog tadpoles in china. to explore the cellular entry mechanism of tfv, hepg2 cells were treated with drugs that inhibit the main endocytic pathways. we observed that tfv entry was inhibited by nh(4)cl, chloroquine, and bafilomycin, which all can elevate the ph of acidic organelles. in contrast, tfv entry was not influenced by chlorpromazine or overexpression of a dominant-negative ...201121543502
selected emerging diseases of amphibia.this review summarizes the most recent updates on emerging infectious diseases of amphibia. a brief summary of batrachochytrium dendrobatidis history, epidemiology, pathogenesis, life cycle, diagnosis, treatment, and biosecurity is provided. ambystoma tigrinum virus, common midwife toad virus, frog virus 3, rana grylio virus, rana catesbeiana ranavirus, mahaffey road virus, rana esculenta virus, bohle iridovirus, and tiger frog virus ranaviruses are extensively reviewed. emerging bacterial patho ...201323642863
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