salmon gill poxvirus, the deepest representative of the chordopoxvirinae.poxviruses are large dna viruses of vertebrates and insects causing disease in many animal species, including reptiles, birds, and mammals. although poxvirus-like particles were detected in diseased farmed koi carp, ayu, and atlantic salmon, their genetic relationships to poxviruses were not established. here, we provide the first genome sequence of a fish poxvirus, which was isolated from farmed atlantic salmon. in the present study, we used quantitative pcr and immunohistochemistry to determin ...201526136578
morphogenesis of salmonid gill poxvirus associated with proliferative gill disease in farmed atlantic salmon (salmo salar) in norway.proliferative gill disease (pgd) is an emerging problem in norwegian culture of atlantic salmon (salmo salar). parasites (ichthyobodo spp.) and bacteria (flexibacter/flavobacterium) may cause pgd, but for most cases of pgd in farmed salmon in norway, no specific pathogen has been identified as the causative agent. however, neoparamoeba sp. and several bacteria and viruses have been associated with this disease. in the spring of 2006, a new poxvirus, salmon gill poxvirus (sgpv), was discovered on ...200818521535
a survey of salmon gill poxvirus (sgpv) in wild salmonids in 2016, the norwegian health monitoring programme for wild salmonids conducted a real-time pcr-based screening for salmon gill poxvirus (sgpv) in anadromous arctic char (salvelinus alpinus l.), anadromous and non-anadromous atlantic salmon (salmo salar l.) and trout (salmo trutta l.). sgpv was widely distributed in wild atlantic salmon returning from marine migration. in addition, characteristic gill lesions, including apoptosis, were detected in this species. a low amount of sgpv dna, as indic ...201828745832
salmon gill poxvirus, a recently characterized infectious agent of multifactorial gill disease in freshwater- and seawater-reared atlantic salmon.gill diseases cause considerable losses in norwegian salmon farming. in 2015, we characterized salmon gill poxvirus (sgpv) and associated gill disease. using newly developed diagnostic tools, we show here that sgpv infection is more widely distributed than previously assumed. we present seven cases of complex gill disease in atlantic salmon farmed in seawater and freshwater from different parts of norway. apoptosis, the hallmark of acute sgpv infection, was not easily observed in these cases, an ...201728105681
erratum for gjessing et al., salmon gill poxvirus, the deepest representative of the chordopoxvirinae. 201526432522
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