life cycle and ultrastructure of eimeria stigmosa, the intranuclear coccidian of the goose (anser anser domesticus).the oocyst morphology and endogenous development of eimeria stigmosa klimes, 1963 in a domestic goose (anser anser domesticus l.) was studied using light and electron microscopy. the oocyst wall consisted of two layers. the outer layer formed densely accumulated protrusions, whilst the inner layer was smooth and formed a collar structure around the micropyle. meronts were observed in the posterior part of the jejunum, along the whole length of the ileum and in meckel's diverticulum within 1-4 da ...19921644357
description of the goose coccidium eimeria stigmosa (klimes, 1963), with evidence of intranuclear development.oocysts of eimeria stigmosa isolated from a wild juvenile lesser snow goose (anser caerulescens caerulescens) were used in experimental infections of laboratory-reared geese. the structure of oocysts is described; a peculiar bumpy surface and a calyx-like thickening around the micropyle are illustrated by scanning electron microscopy. experimentally infected geese had reduced feed intake and passed blood in their feces. six days post-inoculation (p.i.) oocysts were passed for about 24 hr. oocyst ...19863783353
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