emergence of carp edema virus in cultured ornamental koi carp, cyprinus carpio koi, in india.a disease outbreak was reported in adult koi, cyprinus carpio koi, from a fish farm in kerala, india, during june 2015. the clinical signs were observed only in recently introduced adult koi, and an existing population of fish did not show any clinical signs or mortality. microscopic examination of wet mounts from the gills of affected koi revealed minor infestation of dactylogyrus sp. in a few koi. in bacteriological studies, only opportunistic bacteria were isolated from the gills of affected ...201627902384
evidence-based advances in aquatic animal and aquatic invertebrates deserve evidence-based medicine. pharmacologic information is available; most pharmacokinetic studies are derived from the aquaculture industry and extrapolated to ornamental fish. conversely, advanced diagnostics and information regarding diseases affecting only ornamental fish and invertebrates require more peer-reviewed experimental studies; the examples of carp edema virus, sea star wasting disease, seahorse nutrition, and gas bubble disease of fish under human ...201728781036
comparison of pcr methods for the detection of genetic variants of carp edema virus.the infection of common carp and its ornamental variety, koi, with the carp edema virus (cev) is often associated with the occurrence of a clinical disease called 'koi sleepy disease'. the disease may lead to high mortality in both koi and common carp populations. to prevent further spread of the infection and the disease, a reliable detection method for this virus is required. however, the high genetic variability of the cev p4a gene used for pcr-based diagnostics could be a serious obstacle fo ...201728930088
emergence of carp edema virus (cev) and its significance to european common carp and koi cyprinus carpio.carp edema virus disease (cevd), also known as koi sleepy disease, is caused by a poxvirus associated with outbreaks of clinical disease in koi and common carp cyprinus carpio. originally characterised in japan in the 1970s, international trade in koi has led to the spread of cev, although the first recognised outbreak of the disease outside of japan was not reported until 1996 in the usa. in europe, the disease was first recognised in 2009 and, as detection and diagnosis have improved, more eu ...201729044045
viral infections in common carp lead to a disturbance of mucin expression in mucosal response to the constant challenge by potential pathogens, external surfaces of fish, their skin, gills and intestinal tract, are coated with mucus, a gel like substance which largely prevents the entry of pathogens. this mucus gel consists mainly of water and mucins, large o-glycosylated proteins, which are responsible for forming a gel like mixture. a modulation of the mrna expression of mucins, was described in viral diseases in mammals however there is a knowledge gap about the regulation ...201729054826
carp edema virus from three genogroups is present in common carp in hungary.hungary is an important carp producer with intensive trading relationships with farms in other carp-producing areas in europe. carp in europe were recently found infected with carp edema virus (cev), a poxvirus which causes the koi sleepy disease (ksd) syndrome. moribund carp were collected from 17 fish farms and angling ponds in different regions of hungary. histological analysis of gills from these carp revealed a proliferation of the interlamellar epithelium and an infiltration by eosinophili ...201729064105
carp edema virus/koi sleepy disease: an emerging disease in central-east europe.koi sleepy disease (ksd), also known as carp edema virus (cev), was first reported from juvenile colour carp in japan in the 1970s. recently, this pox virus was detected in several european countries, including germany, france and the netherlands. in england, in addition to colour carp, outbreaks in common carp are reported. ksd/cev is an emerging infectious disease characterized by a typical sleepy behaviour, enophthalmia, generalized oedematous condition and gill necrosis, leading to hypoxia. ...201525382453
carp edema virus in polish aquaculture - evidence of significant sequence divergence and a new lineage in common carp cyprinus carpio (l.).fish samples initially collected by local veterinarians on the common and koi carp farms in poland between 2013 and 2015 as part of a khv surveillance programme, when the water temperature was between 16 and 26 °c, and were also tested for cev by qpcr. a partial 478 nucleotide fragment of the 4a gene was subsequently generated from 17 qpcr-positive common carp cyprinus carpio samples from 36 farm sites tested during the period. sequence alignments and analysis revealed the presence of cev in pol ...201727453481
experimental infections of different carp strains with the carp edema virus (cev) give insights into the infection biology of the virus and indicate possible solutions to problems caused by koi sleepy disease (ksd) in carp aquaculture.outbreaks of koi sleepy disease (ksd) caused by carp edema virus (cev) may seriously affect populations of farmed common carp, one of the most important fish species for global food production. the present study shows further evidence for the involvement of cev in outbreaks of ksd among carp and koi populations: in a series of infection experiments, cev from two different genogroups could be transmitted to several strains of naïve common carp via cohabitation with fish infected with cev. in reci ...201728222784
another potential carp killer?: carp edema virus disease in germany.infections with carp edema virus, a pox virus, are known from japanese koi populations since 1974. a characteristic clinical sign associated with this infection is lethargy and therefore the disease is called "koi sleepy disease". diseased koi also show swollen gills, enophthalmus, and skin lesions. mortality rates up to 80 % are described. for a long period of time, disease outbreaks seemed to be restricted to japan. however, during the last years clinical outbreaks of koi sleepy disease also o ...201525976542
concentration of carp edema virus (cev) dna in koi tissues affected by koi sleepy disease (ksd).carp edema virus (cev), the causative agent of 'koi sleepy disease' (ksd), appears to be spreading worldwide and to be responsible for losses in koi, ornamental varieties of the common carp cyprinus carpio. clinical signs of ksd include lethargic behaviour, swollen gills, sunken eyes and skin alterations and can easily be mistaken for other diseases, such as infection with cyprinid herpesvirus 3 (cyhv-3). to improve the future diagnosis of cev infection and to provide a tool to better explore th ...201627225208
histopathological and electron microscopy studies on sleepy disease of koi cyprinus carpio koi in japan.koi sleepy disease (ksd) usually occurs when koi cyprinus carpio koi are taken from nursing earthen ponds and placed in cement-lined ponds containing fresh water in spring and autumn in japan. we transfered koi from an earthen pond to tanks containing fresh water and 0.5 % salt water in an attempt to replicate ksd and prevent the onset of ksd, respectively, in the laboratory. ksd broke out after 4 to 5 d, followed by mass mortality (76%: 95/125 fish) within 17 d, in the fresh water. diseased fis ...200516119888
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