morphological and molecular characterization of eimeria paludosa coccidian parasite (apicomplexa:eimeriidae) in a dusky moorhen (gallinula tenebrosa, gould, 1846) in eimeria species is described from a dusky moorhen (gallinula tenebrosa). sporulated oocysts (n = 40) are ovoid, with a pitted single-layered oocyst wall in young oocysts and a relatively smooth wall in the mature oocysts. oocyst wall was 1.0 µm thick, oocysts measured 17.3 × 13.3 (16.3-17.9 × 12.7-13.9) µm, oocyst length/width (l/w) ratio, 1.3. oocyst residuum was absent. a large polar granule was always observed in the centre of the micropyle and many small polar granules were observed when ...201425448356
description of the oocysts of eimeria paludosa (apicomplexa: eimeriidae) from fulica americana (aves: gruiformes), with comments on synonyms of eimerian species from related birds.between november and december 1988, fecal and intestinal contents were collected from 25 northern american coots, fulica americana americana, in arkansas and texas, and examined for coccidial parasites. seventeen (68%) of the coots were infected with eimeria paludosa, herein described; for the first time, photomicrographs of the species are presented. sporulated oocysts are ovoid, 16.5 x 12.6 (15-23 x 11-14) microns, with a lightly to heavily pitted single-layered wall; an oocyst residuum is abs ...19902299523
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