in vitro development of first-generation schizonts of eimeria canadensis (bruce, 1921). 19734575567
epidemiology of eimeria and associated risk factors in cattle of district toba tek singh, pakistan.a cross-sectional study was carried out to determine the prevalence, species characterization, and associated risk factors with eimeria of cattle of district toba tek singh from april, 2009 to march, 2010. of the total 584 fecal samples examined for eimeria, 275 (47.09%) were found infected with six species of eimeria. among the identified species of eimeria, eimeria bovis was found to be the highest prevalent species (52.36%), followed in order by eimeria zuernii, eimeria canadensis, eimeria el ...201021110042
coccidia (apicomplexa: eimeriidae) of the lowland european bison bison bonasus bonasus (l.).coprological studies conducted between 2007 and 2011 in free-roaming and captive european bison bison bonasus (linnaeus, 1758) from poland revealed 11 species of eimeria infecting the host, i.e., eimeria alabamensis, eimeria auburnensis, eimeria bovis, eimeria brasiliensis, eimeria bukidnonensis, eimeria canadensis, eimeria cylindrica, eimeria ellipsoidalis, eimeria pellita, eimeria subspherica, and eimeria zuernii. the typical host for all isolated species is cattle. the most prevalent species ...201424702772
new approaches for morphological diagnosis of bovine eimeria species: a study on a subtropical organic dairy farm in brazil.bovine eimeriosis or coccidiosis is an intestinal disease caused by eimeria spp. which is related to gastrointestinal disorders and, in some cases, death. the current work aimed to identify and provide detailed morphological characteristic features of the different eimeria spp. parasites of crossbred cows of a subtropical organic dairy farm in brazil, offering tools for the diagnosis of bovine eimeriosis. eimeria auburnensis, eimeria bovis, eimeria bukidnonensis, eimeria canadensis, eimeria cyli ...201626873157
analysis of intrinsic and extrinsic factors influencing the dynamics of bovine eimeria spp. from central-eastern poland.eimeria infections are common in cattle worldwide, however, little is known about the invasion dynamics of this unicellular parasite. therefore, the aim of this study was to analyze intrinsic (host age) and extrinsic (herd size and management system) factors influencing the dynamics of eimeria spp. found in calves from ce poland. fecal samples were collected from 356 calves from different types of management systems and from different herd sizes. flotation and mcmaster method were used for paras ...201526455571
eimeria canadensis in calves. 19854026727
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