effect of virulent trichomonas gallinae on the band-tailed pigeon.nine trichomonas-free band-tailed pigeons (columba fasciata fasciata) trapped in colorado died from experimental infection with jones' barn trichomonas gallinae 7.1 days (av.) post-inoculation. three experimentally infected domestic pigeons (c. livia) used as controls died 5.7 days (av.) post-inoculation. three band-tailed pigeons from colorado naturally infected with avirulent t. gallinae. trichomonads obtained from a fatal case of trichomoniasis in a band-tailed pigeon from california killed a ...19751195487
a survey of colorado band-tailed pigeons, mourning doves, and wild common pigeons for trichomonas gallinae. 195114889384
avian trichomonosis in spotted owls (strix occidentalis): indication of opportunistic spillover from prey.avian trichomonosis, caused by the flagellated protozoan parasite trichomonas gallinae, has variable pathogenicity among bird species ranging from asymptomatic infections to severe disease periodically manifesting in epidemic mortality. traditionally, columbids are identified as highly susceptible to infection with occasional spillover into raptors that prey on infected birds. we identified avian trichomonosis in two dead california spotted owls (strix occidentalis occidentalis) and three dead n ...201627833856
ecologic drivers and population impacts of avian trichomonosis mortality events in band-tailed pigeons (patagioenas fasciata) in california, usa.:   avian trichomonosis, a disease typically caused by the protozoan parasite trichomonas gallinae , is a well recognized cause of death in many avian species. in california, us, trichomonosis has caused periodic epidemics in pacific coast band-tailed pigeons ( patagioenas fasciata monilis). we summarize reported mortality events and investigate ecologic drivers and population impacts associated with epidemic mortality due to trichomonosis in band-tailed pigeons. between 1945 and 2014, 59 mortal ...201627187033
trichomonas stableri n. sp., an agent of trichomonosis in pacific coast band-tailed pigeons (patagioenas fasciata monilis).trichomonas gallinae is a ubiquitous flagellated protozoan parasite, and the most common etiologic agent of epidemic trichomonosis in columbid and passerine species. in this study, free-ranging pacific coast band-tailed pigeons (patagioenas fasciata monilis) in california (usa) were found to be infected with trichomonad protozoa that were genetically and morphologically distinct from t. gallinae. in microscopic analysis, protozoa were significantly smaller in length and width than t. gallinae an ...201424918075
dual-pathogen etiology of avian trichomonosis in a declining band-tailed pigeon population.the pacific coast band-tailed pigeon (patagioenas fasciata monilis) is a migratory game bird of north america that is at risk for population decline. epidemics of avian trichomonosis caused by upper digestive tract infection with trichomonas spp. protozoa in these and other doves and pigeons of the united states are sporadic, but can involve tens of thousands of birds in a single event. herein, we analyze the role of trichomonosis in band-tailed pigeon mortality and relate spatial, temporal and ...201424632451
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