experimental transfer of trichomonas gallinae (rivolta, 1878) from white-winged doves to mourning doves.isolates of trichomonas gallinae (rivolta, 1878) from white-winged doves, zenaida asiatica (l.), were transferred experimentally to young mourning doves, zenaida macroura (l.). twenty-three of 25 mourning doves developed infections with isolates of t. gallinae from 25 white-winged doves. in addition, eight of eight rock doves (columba livia gmelin) were infected with duplicate isolates. all infected recipient birds harbored avirulent isolates except for one mourning dove which died from extensiv ...19854032621
interrelationships of parasites of white-winged doves and mourning doves in florida.the parasites of indigenous populations of mourning doves (zenaida macroura) in north and south florida were compared with those of an introduced population of white-winged doves (z. asiatica) in south florida. thirty-two species of parasites including 5 protozoans, 7 nematodes, 2 trematodes, 2 cestodes, 7 acarines, 7 mallophagans, and 2 dipterans were found. of these, 16 common to both species of doves. mourning doves from north florida showed a more diverse parasite fauna than did the white-wi ...19817338976
survival of trichomonas gallinae in white-winged dove carcasses.survival of trichomonas gallinae was examined in white-winged dove (zenaida asiatica) carcasses to assess whether birds that have been dead up to 8 hr can be sampled reliably for this protozoan. carcasses of 100 t. gallinae-positive white-winged doves were separated into four groups of 25 birds, representing 2, 4, 6, and 8 hr post mortem sampling intervals and placed into an environmental chamber maintained at 27 c and 75% relative humidity. live t. gallinae were isolated in 96, 100, 100, and 92 ...200010941743
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