full-length genome sequence of a simian immunodeficiency virus (siv) infecting a captive agile mangabey (cercocebus agilis) is closely related to sivrcm infecting wild red-capped mangabeys (cercocebus torquatus) in cameroon.simian immunodeficiency viruses (sivs) are lentiviruses that infect an extensive number of wild african primate species. here we describe for the first time siv infection in a captive agile mangabey (cercocebus agilis) from cameroon. phylogenetic analysis of the full-length genome sequence of sivagi-00cm312 showed that this novel virus fell into the sivrcm lineage and was most closely related to a newly characterized sivrcm strain (sivrcm-02cm8081) from a wild-caught red-capped mangabey (cercoce ...201020797968
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