antibodies to selected pathogens in free-ranging terrestrial carnivores and marine mammals in canada.antibody titres to selected pathogens (canine adenovirus [cav-2], feline herpesvirus [fhv], phocine herpesvirus [phv-1], canine distemper virus, dolphin morbillivirus [dmv], phocine distemper virus [pdv], parainfluenza virus type 3 [pi3], rabies virus, dolphin rhabdovirus [drv], canine coronavirus, feline coronavirus, feline leukaemia virus, borrelia burgdorferi and toxoplasma gondii) were determined in whole blood or serum samples from selected free-ranging terrestrial carnivores and marine mam ...200415338705
myd88 and functionally related genes are associated with multiple infections in a model population of kenyan village dogs.the purpose of this study was to seek associations between immunity-related molecular markers and endemic infections in a model population of african village dogs from northern kenya with no veterinary care and no selective breeding. a population of village dogs from northern kenya composed of three sub-populations from three different areas (84, 50 and 55 dogs) was studied. canine distemper virus (cdv), hepatozoon canis, microfilariae (acantocheilonema dracunculoides, acantocheilonema reconditu ...201627655108
canine distemper in an isolated population of fishers (martes pennanti) from california.four fishers (martes pennanti) from an insular population in the southern sierra nevada mountains, california, usa died as a consequence of an infection with canine distemper virus (cdv) in 2009. three fishers were found in close temporal and spatial relationship; the fourth fisher died 4 mo later at a 70 km distance from the initial group. gross lesions were restricted to hyperkeratosis of periocular skin and ulceration of footpads. all animals had necrotizing bronchitis and bronchiolitis with ...201223060505
low titers of canine distemper virus antibody in wild fishers (martes pennanti) in the eastern usa.canine distemper virus (cdv) infects species in the order carnivora. members of the family mustelidae are among the species most susceptible to cdv and have a high mortality rate after infection. assessing an animal's pathogen or disease load prior to any reintroduction project is important to help protect the animal being reintroduced, as well as the wildlife and livestock in the area of relocation. we screened 58 fishers for cdv antibody prior to their release into pennsylvania, us, as part of ...201626555109
utility of two modified-live virus canine distemper vaccines in wild-caught fishers (martes pennanti).canine distemper virus (cdv) infects families in the order carnivora. as a preventive measure, vaccinations against cdv are frequently given to mustelids in captive environments.201626610027
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