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newcastle disease virus in little owls (athene noctua) and african penguins (spheniscus demersus) in an israeli zoo.newcastle disease is a contagious and often fatal disease, capable of affecting all species of birds. a velogenic newcastle disease virus (vndv) outbreak occurred in an israeli zoo, in which little owls (athene noctua) and african penguins (spheniscus demersus) were found positive for presence of ndv. some of them have died. the diagnostic process included: post-mortem examination, histopathology, real-time rt-pcr assay, virus isolation, serology, intracerebral pathogenicity index and phylogenet ...201423406442
isolation of newcastle disease virus from birds of the 4 year period 1971-74 11 isolations of newcastle disease virus (ndv) were made from 44 birds of prey that died in captivity. three species of falconiformes were involved, including one red-headed falcon (falco chicquera), 5 european kestrels (f. tinnunculus), and 2 secretary birds (sagittarius serpentarius), also 2 species of strigiformes, comprising 2 barn owls (tyto alba) and one little owl (athene noctua). all ndv isolates were of the velogenic type.197618777349
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