growth of newcastle disease virus in fertile eggs of the japanese quail (coturnix coturnix japonica). 19725018041
occurrence of conjunctivitis, sinusitis and upper region tracheitis in japanese quail (coturnix coturnix japonica), possibly caused by mycoplasma gallisepticum accompanied by cryptosporidium sp. infection.on a farm raising approximately 75,000 japanese quail (coturnix coturnix japonica) for egg production, the diseased quail showed clinical signs of swelling of the head, nasal discharge, increased lacrimation, and decreased egg production. the flock experienced a mortality rate of 5.7% per day. macroscopic observation revealed large, gelatinous masses of caseous exudate in the sinuses, egg peritonitis, and airsacculitis. microscopically, non-purulent or purulent inflammation accompanied by lympho ...200212396337
an avian coronavirus in quail with respiratory and reproductive avian coronavirus was detected in pools of lungs, tracheas, female reproductive tracts, kidneys, and enteric contents from quail (coturnix coturnix japonica) and laying hen flocks, with and without infectious bronchitis (ib)-like signs, cohoused in farms located in two states of southeastern brazil during 2009-2010. although avian metapneumovirus subtype b was found in two layers samples, newcastle disease virus was not found in quail or in hens. based on dna sequences for the 3'-untranslated ...201324689189
marek's disease in japanese quail -- a pathological, virological and serological study.experimental studies were performed to see whether japanese quail (coturnix coturnix japonica) are susceptible to jm strain of marek's disease virus (mdv). in three identical trials, a total of 120, one-day-old quail were inoculated intra-abdominally with 0.2 ml. of chicken blood infected with mdv (jm strain) and raised in fapp isolators. uninfected controls were inoculated with normal saline only and raised separately. during the 18-week post infection observation period, 65-80% of the infecte ...1975180503
the positive expression of genotype vii newcastle disease virus (malaysian isolate) in japanese quails (coturnix coturnix japonica).genotype vii newcastle disease virus (ndv) is the most predominant ndv strains that circulating in malaysia; thus, this study was aimed to determine the susceptibility of japanese quails toward genotype vii ndv. clinical signs, gross pathological lesions of organs, positive detection of virus in organs and cloacal swabs, as well as the expression of the antibody titer, were used as parameters to assess the susceptibility of japanese quails following infection of genotype vii ndv.201728620260
effects of dietary taurine supplementation on growth performance and immune status in growing japanese quail (coturnix coturnix japonica).the effect of dietary taurine was investigated on performance and immune responses in growing (1 to 42 d) japanese quail. one-day-old quails of both sexes (300) were randomly allotted to 12 groups with 25 quails in each group (3 dietary treatments, 4 replicates). they were fed with maize-soybean meal-based diets containing 0, 0.01, or 0.05% taurine for 42 d. dietary 0.01% taurine decreased food intake (p < 0.05) in the starter phase but did not affect bw gain and feed efficiency from d 1 to 42 o ...200919531709
physiological, growth, and immune responses of japanese quail chicks to the multiple stressors of immunological challenge and lead shot.exposure to the combination of a contaminant and an immunological challenge during development may greatly increase the impact of either or both of these stressors on an individual. this study investigated the interacting effects of a nonpathogenic immunological challenge and lead shot exposure early in the development of a precocial species. seventy-one quail (coturnix coturnix japonica) chicks orally received either one #9 lead shot (0.05 g), four lead shots (0.2 g), or no lead at the age of 8 ...200211706371
complete genome sequence of a newcastle disease virus from a coturnix coturnix japonica (japanese quail) covey in india.the genome of a newcastle disease virus isolated from a japanese quail in 2003 is reported here. the genome is 15,192 nucleotides (nt) long, as found in the recent genotypes, and grouped as genotype viib, with a 6-nt insertion. this is the first report on the sequence of a genotype vii newcastle disease virus (ndv) from india.201424831141
effect of beta-carotene supplementation on plasma and yolk igy levels induced by ndv vaccination in japanese quail.newly hatched japanese quail (coturnix coturnix japonica) chicks were fed diets containing different levels of retinoids (vitamin a) or beta-carotene. group a received a commercial diet containing 10,000 iu vitamin a per kilogram. the diets of groups b, c, and d contained no vitamin a but were supplemented with 1-, 2.5-, and 5-fold retinol equivalents of beta-carotene. each group contained 16 quails in a 1:1 sex ratio. at 8 weeks of age the quails were immunized orally with newcastle disease vir ...200312951901
growth, developmental stability and immune response in juvenile japanese quails (coturnix coturnix japonica).stresses are environmental factors which restrict growth or cause a potentially adverse change in an organism. the exposure of developing organisms to environmental stresses may have several physiological consequences including a decrease in immunocompetence. however, mounting an immune response against a foreign antigen may in itself constitute a cost for developing organisms. this cost has potentially long-term consequences for adult function and fitness. this study examines the growth and dev ...199910518322
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