phylogenetic and pathogenic analysis of newcastle disease virus isolated from house sparrow (passer domesticus) living around poultry farm in southern sparrow (passer domesticus) is one of the most widely distributed wild birds in china. five newcastle disease virus (ndv) strains were isolated from house sparrows living around the poultry farms in southern china. these isolates were characterized by pathogenic assays and phylogenetic analysis. the results showed that all ndv isolates except one were velogenic and virulent for chickens. these four virulent strains for chickens possess the amino acid sequence (112)r/k-r-q-k/r-r-f(117) in t ...201020043198
comprehensive mapping of common immunodominant epitopes in the west nile virus nonstructural protein 1 recognized by avian antibody responses.west nile virus (wnv) is a mosquito-borne flavivirus that primarily infects birds but occasionally infects humans and horses. certain species of birds, including crows, house sparrows, geese, blue jays and ravens, are considered highly susceptible hosts to wnv. the nonstructural protein 1 (ns1) of wnv can elicit protective immune responses, including ns1-reactive antibodies, during infection of animals. the antigenicity of ns1 suggests that ns1-reactive antibodies could provide a basis for serol ...201222347477
immune response to newcastle disease virus vaccination in a wild passerine.we studied the immune response of wild house sparrows (passer domesticus) experimentally challenged with different doses of inactivated newcastle disease virus (ndv) vaccine. we evaluated within-individual cell-mediated and humoral responses in birds kept in outdoor aviaries, over a 6-wk period. nonbreeding adult house sparrows developed a significant humoral response to ndv experimental vaccination within 1 wk postchallenge, as measured by hemagglutination inhibition assay; values increased unt ...201324502730
transgenerational effects enhance specific immune response in a wild passerine.vertebrate mothers transfer diverse compounds to developing embryos that can affect their development and final phenotype (i.e., maternal effects). however, the way such effects modulate offspring phenotype, in particular their immunity, remains unclear. to test the impact of maternal effects on offspring development, we treated wild breeding house sparrows (passer domesticus) in sevilla, se spain with newcastle disease virus (ndv) vaccine. female parents were vaccinated when caring for first br ...201627069782
the role of indigenous wild, semidomestic, and exotic birds in the epizootiology of velogenic viscerotropic newcastle disease in southern california, 1972-1973.during an epornitic of velogenic viscerotropic newcastle disease (vvnd) in southern california, free-flying wild birds, captive and free-ranging semidomestic birds, and exotic birds were collected from the quarantine area to determine their role in the epizootiology of the disease. the vvnd virus was isolated from 0.04% of 9,446 free-flying wild birds, 0.76% of 4,367 semidomestic birds, and 1.01% of 3,780 exotic birds examined. three house sparrows and 1 crow directly associated with infected po ...19751176357
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