the survey of porcine teschoviruses, sapeloviruses and enteroviruses b infecting domestic pigs and wild boars in the czech republic between 2005 and 2011.this study presents results of epidemiological survey and genetic characterisation of porcine enteric picornaviruses belonging to the genera teschovirus, sapelovirus, and porcine enterovirus b. faecal or gut content samples from domestic pigs (sus scrofa f. domestica) and the cecal content of wild boars (sus scrofa) of different ages (collected between 2005 and 2011) were analysed by molecular methods. porcine enterovirus b was the most prevalent virus detected in both domestic pigs and wild boa ...201222579481
diversity of picornaviruses in rural bolivia.the family picornaviridae is a large and diverse group of viruses that infect humans and animals. picornaviruses are among the most common infections of humans and cause a wide spectrum of acute human disease. this study began as an investigation of acute flaccid paralysis (afp) in a small area of eastern bolivia, where surveillance had identified a persistently high afp rate in children. stools were collected and diagnostic studies ruled out poliovirus. we tested stool specimens from 51 afp cas ...201323804569
porcine teschovirus in wild boars in hungary.the genus teschovirus, family picornaviridae, currently includes 12 serotypes (ptv 1 to 12) isolated from swine. ptvs have been well studied in domestic pigs, but knowledge about ptvs in wild boars is deficient. here, we report the first complete ptv genome sequence from 7 (70 %) of 10 fecal samples of wild boar piglets (sus scrofa) by rt-pcr and pyrosequencing. analysis of the wild boar ptv strain wb2c-tv/2011/hun (jq429405) showed considerable difference, especially in vp1 (66-74 % amino acid ...201222569887
teschoviruses and sapeloviruses in faecal samples from wild boar in spain.teschovirus and sapelovirus are two genera of the picornaviridae family, comprising highly variable and heterogeneous enteric viruses, commonly found in faecal samples from domestic pigs. although both of them are also known to infect wild boar, studies on their presence in these wild suids are scarce. the present study aimed at determining the presence of porcine teschovirus (ptv) and sapelovirus (psv) in free-living wild boar populations, as well as to study their relationships with similar vi ...201223265238
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