scavenging hagfish as a transport host of anisakid nematodes.hagfish are the most primitive craniates and scavengers, feeding on dead organisms as well as fish and invertebrates. hagfish play an important ecological role in recycling nutrients, helping to recycle biomass from the upper water column. we investigated 265 specimens of four hagfish species, including eptatretus burgeri, eptatretus yangi, eptatretus sheni and eptatretus taiwanae from northeastern taiwanese waters of the northwestern pacific from november 2013 to june 2014. eight species of ani ...201626872923
molecular identification of anisakis and hysterothylacium larvae in marine fishes from the east china sea and the pacific coast of central japan.anisakiasis is a human disease caused by the accidental ingestion of larvae belonging to the family anisakidae. three fish species, the small yellow croaker pseudosciaena polyactis, the mackerel pneumatophorus japonicus and the hairtail trichiurus haumela are important source for food products in the east china sea. the prevalence and the identification of anisakidae larvae in these fishes will benefit the prevention and control of anisakiasis. in this study, fish samples were obtained from fish ...201525617845
nematode parasites infecting the starry batfish halieutaea stellata (vahl) (lophiiformes: ogcocephalidae) from the east and south china sea.the starry batfish halieutaea stellata (vahl) is a small, benthic fish found in indo-west pacific oceans. however, our present knowledge of the helminth parasites of this fish is still fragmentary. in this study, a total of 29 fish collected from the east and south china sea were examined to determine the prevalence, intensity and species composition of helminth parasites in h. stellata. using morphological and molecular approaches, four species of nematodes were found parasitic in this fish hos ...201625917527
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