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morphological and molecular genetic characterization of three capillaria spp. (capillaria anatis, capillaria pudendotecta, and capillaria madseni) and baruscapillaria obsignata (nematoda: trichuridae: capillariinae) in avians.morphological and genetic analyses were performed on four avian species of the subfamily capillariinae (nematoda: trichuridae), i.e., capillaria anatis from chickens (gallus gallus domesticus) in japan and the philippines, baruscapillaria obsignata from chickens and captive swans (cygnus olor and cygnus atratus) in japan, capillaria pudendotecta from captive swans in japan, and capillaria madseni from carrion and jungle crows (corvus corone and corvus macrorhynchos) in japan. although morphometr ...201526204803
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