phosphonate analogues of alpha-ketoglutarate inhibit the activity of the alpha-ketoglutarate dehydrogenase complex isolated from brain and in cultured cells.the alpha-ketoglutarate dehydrogenase complex (kgdhc), a control point of the tricarboxylic acid cycle, is partially inactivated in brain in many neurodegenerative diseases. potent and specific kgdhc inhibitors are needed to probe how the reduced kgdhc activity alters brain function. previous studies showed that succinyl phosphonate (sp) effectively inhibits muscle and escherichia coli kgdhc [biryukov, a. i., bunik, v. i., zhukov, yu. n., khurs, e. n., and khomutov, r. m. (1996) febs lett. 382, ...200516060664
anti-diabetic activity of alcoholic extract of aerva lanata (l.) juss. ex schultes in rats.aerva lanata (l.) juss. ex schultes commonly known as 'sunny khur' is widely used in indian folk medicine for the treatment of diabetes mellitus. this study was undertaken to evaluate the effect of an alcoholic extract of a. lanata (aal) on blood glucose and other biochemical parameters in alloxan-induced diabetic rats. aal was found to reduce the increase of blood sugar in alloxan-induced diabetic rats (42% at 375 mg/kg and 48% at 500 mg/kg body weight). chronic administration of aal significan ...200212007698
low genetic diversity of the endangered indian wild ass equus hemionus khur, as revealed by microsatellite analyses. 201728674219
numerical assessment of nutrient assimilative capacity of khur-e-musa in the persian gulf.khur-e-musa is a predominantly tide-driven marine creek located in the northwestern part of the persian gulf. the port city of mahshahr and several important industrial enterprises are located in the vicinity of this marine creek. therefore, marine pollution due to discharge from regional industries into this water body has been a matter of interest for environmental studies. in this paper, nutrient assimilative capacity of the khur-e-musa during the summer time was studied. in order to perform ...201525389021
network metrics reveal differences in social organization between two fission-fusion species, grevy's zebra and onager.for species in which group membership frequently changes, it has been a challenge to characterize variation in individual interactions and social structure. quantifying this variation is necessary to test hypotheses about ecological determinants of social patterns and to make predictions about how group dynamics affect the development of cooperative relationships and transmission processes. network models have recently become popular for analyzing individual contacts within a population context. ...200716964497
mitochondrial dna analyses revealed low genetic diversity in the endangered indian wild ass equus hemionus khur.the indian wild ass equus hemionus khur, belonging to ass-like equid branch, inhabits the dry and arid desert of the little rann of kutch, gujarat. the e. h. khur is the sole survivor of asiatic wild ass species/subspecies in south asia. to provide first ever insights into the genetic diversity, phylogeny, and demography of the endangered indian wild ass, we sampled 52 free-ranging individuals from the little rann of kutch by using a non-invasive methodology. the sequencing of 230 bp in cytochro ...201627169569
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