movement seasonality in a desert-dwelling bat revealed by miniature gps loggers.bats are among the most successful desert mammals. yet, our understanding of their spatio-temporal dynamics in habitat use associated with the seasonal oscillation of resources is still limited. in this study, we have employed state-of-the-art lightweight gps loggers to track the yellow-winged bat lavia frons in a desert in northern kenya to investigate how seasonality in a desert affects the a) spatial and b) temporal dimensions of movements in a low-mobility bat.201931428429
morphology of the external nose in hipposideros diadema and lavia frons with comments on its diversity and evolution among leaf-nosed some bats, a noseleaf is thought to help focus echolocation calls emitted through the nostrils. i studied the ontogenetic mode of the rhinarial cartilages and the associated facial muscles to assess how these rhinarial infrastructures interact with the noseleaf, and the inferred function of such a rhinarial complex. this study focuses on developmental stages of hipposideros diadema and lavia frons. based on new data on these two rhinolophoids and a review of former studies concerning rhinopom ...200211602802
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