seasonal dynamics of thrips (thrips tabaci) (thysanoptera: thripidae) transmitters of iris yellow spot virus: a serious viral pathogen of onion bulb and seed crops.thrips-transmitted iris yellow spot virus (iysv) is an important economic constraint to the production of bulb and seed onion crops in the united states and many other parts of the world. because the virus is exclusively spread by thrips, the ability to rapidly detect the virus in thrips vectors would facilitate studies on the role of thrips in virus epidemiology, and thus formulation of better vector management strategies. using a polyclonal antiserum produced against the recombinant, escherich ...201424665687
iris yellow spot virus (tospovirus: bunyaviridae): from obscurity to research priority.iris yellow spot virus (iysv) is in the genus tospovirus, family bunyaviridae, with a single-stranded, tri-segmented rna genome with an ambisense genome organization. members of the other genera in the family infect predominantly vertebrates and insects.201525476540
occurrence of iris yellow spot virus from onion crops in egypt.iris yellow spot virus (iysv) is a infects onion bulb and seed crops in many countries including egypt. results of the mechanical inoculation reveled that, small chlorotic lesions and systemic necrosis were observed on both nicotiana benthamiana and datura stramonium after 10 days, while there were no symptoms were appeared on the onion plant. the viral biological transmission with thrips tabaci was highly reported to be efficiently for virus transmitted. our results confirmed the presentence of ...201425674622
long-distance dispersal potential for onion thrips (thysanoptera: thripidae) and iris yellow spot virus (bunyaviridae: tospovirus) in an onion ecosystem.onion thrips, thrips tabaci lindeman, is a worldwide pest of onion whose feeding damage and transmission of iris yellow spot virus (iysv) may reduce onion yields. little is known about the seasonal dynamics of t. tabaci dispersal, the distance of dispersal, or the movement of thrips infected with iysv during the onion-growing season. to address these questions, t. tabaci adults were collected using transparent sticky card traps in commercial onion fields three times during the onion-growing seas ...201526314037
thrips settling, oviposition and iysv distribution on onion foliage.thrips tabaci lindeman (thysanoptera: thripidae) adult and larval settling and oviposition on onion (allium cepa l.) foliage were investigated in relation to leaf position and leaf length at prebulb plant growth stages under controlled conditions. in the laboratory, four and six adult females of t. tabaci were released on onion plants at three-leaf stage and six- to eight-leaf stage, respectively, and thrips egg, nymph, and adult count data were collected on each of the three inner most leaves a ...201526470242
tospoviruses in the mediterranean area.tospoviruses are among the most serious threats to vegetable crops in the mediterranean basin. tospovirus introduction, spread, and the diseases these viruses cause have been traced by epidemiological case studies. recent research has centered on the close relationship between tospoviruses and their arthropod vectors (species of the thripidae family). here, we review several specific features of tospovirus-thrips associations in the mediterranean. since the introduction of frankliniella occident ...201222682175
evaluation of onion cultivars for resistance to onion thrips (thysanoptera: thripidae) and iris yellow spot virus.onion thrips, thrips tabaci lindeman (thysanoptera: thripidae), a worldwide pest of onion, allium cepa l., can reduce onion yield by > 50% and be even more problematic when it transmits iris yellow spot virus (family bunyaviridae, genus tospovirus, iysv). because t. tabaci is difficult to control with insecticides and other strategies, field studies on onion, allium cepa l., resistance to t. tabaci and iysv were conducted in 2007 and 2008 in two locations in new york state. forty-nine cultivars ...201020568640
transmission of iris yellow spot virus by frankliniella fusca and thrips tabaci (thysanoptera: thripidae).thrips-transmitted iris yellow spot virus (iysv) (family bunyaviridae, genus tospovirus) affects onion production in the united states and worldwide. the presence of iysv in georgia was confirmed in 2003. two important thrips species that transmit tospoviruses, the onion thrips (thrips tabaci (lindeman)) and the tobacco thrips (frankliniella fusca (hinds)) are known to infest onion in georgia. however, t. tabaci is the only confirmed vector of iysv. experiments were conducted to test the vector ...201222420253
onion thrips (thysanoptera: thripidae): a global pest of increasing concern in onion.during the past two decades, onion thrips, thrips tabaci lindeman (thysanoptera: thripidae), has become a global pest of increasing concern in commercial onion (allium cepa l.), because of its development of resistance to insecticides, ability to transmit plant pathogens, and frequency of producing more generations at high temperatures. t. tabaci feeds directly on leaves, causing blotches and premature senescence as well as distorted and undersized bulbs. t. tabaci can cause yield loss > 50% but ...201121404832
temporal dynamics of iris yellow spot virus and its vector, thrips tabaci (thysanoptera: thripidae), in seeded and transplanted onion fields.onion thrips, thrips tabaci (lindeman) (thysanoptera: thripidae), can reduce onion bulb yield and transmit iris yellow spot virus (iysv) (bunyaviridae: tospovirus), which can cause additional yield losses. in new york, onions are planted using seeds and imported transplants. iysv is not seed transmitted, but infected transplants have been found in other u.s. states. transplants are also larger than seeded onions early in the season, and thrips, some of which may be viruliferous, may preferential ...201020388253
impact of straw mulch on populations of onion thrips (thysanoptera: thripidae) in onion.development of insecticide resistance in onion thrips, thrips tabaci lindeman (thysanoptera: thripidae), populations in onion (allium spp.) fields and the incidence of the t. tabaci transmitted iris yellow spot virus have stimulated interest in evaluating alternative management tactics. effects of straw mulch applied in commercial onion fields in muck areas of western new york were assessed in 2006 and 2007 as a possible onion thrips management strategy. in trials in which no insecticides were a ...200818767742
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