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differential infection patterns and recent evolutionary origins of equine hepaciviruses in donkeys.the hepatitis c virus (hcv) is a major human pathogen. genetically related viruses in animals suggest a zoonotic origin of hcv. the closest relative of hcv is found in horses (termed equine hepacivirus [eqhv]). however, low eqhv genetic diversity implies relatively recent acquisition of eqhv by horses, making a derivation of hcv from eqhv unlikely. to unravel the eqhv evolutionary history within equid sister species, we analyzed 829 donkeys and 53 mules sampled in nine european, asian, african, ...201727795428
identification and genetic characterization of equine hepaciviruses in italy.viruses similar to human hepatitis c virus, hepaciviruses, have been identified in various animal species. equine hepacivirus (eqhv) is the closest relative of human hepaciviruses. although detected worldwide, information on eqhv epidemiology, genetic diversity and pathogenicity is still limited. in this study we investigated the prevalence and genetic diversity of eqhv in italian equids. the rna of eqhv was detected in 91/1932 sera (4.7%) whilst it was not detectable in 134 donkey sera screened ...201728757030
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