identification in gelada baboons (theropithecus gelada) of a distinct simian t-cell lymphotropic virus type 3 with a broad range of western blot reactivity.antibodies to simian t-cell lymphotropic virus (stlv) were found in serum or plasma from 12 of 23 (52.2 %) gelada baboons (theropithecus gelada) captive in us zoos. a variety of western blot (wb) profiles was seen in the 12 seroreactive samples, including human t-cell lymphotropic virus (htlv)-1-like (n=5, 41.7 %), htlv-2-like (n=1, 8.3 %), htlv-untypable (n=4, 33.3 %) and indeterminate (n=2, 16.6 %) profiles. phylogenetic analysis of tax or env sequences that had been pcr amplified from periphe ...200414769908
simian t-cell leukemia virus (stlv) infection in wild primate populations in cameroon: evidence for dual stlv type 1 and type 3 infection in agile mangabeys (cercocebus agilis).three types of human t-cell leukemia virus (htlv)-simian t-cell leukemia virus (stlv) (collectively called primate t-cell leukemia viruses [ptlvs]) have been characterized, with evidence for zoonotic origin from primates for htlv type 1 (htlv-1) and htlv-2 in africa. to assess human exposure to stlvs in western central africa, we screened for stlv infection in primates hunted in the rain forests of cameroon. blood was obtained from 524 animals representing 18 different species. all the animals w ...200415078952
a novel, divergent simian t-cell lymphotropic virus type 3 in a wild-caught red-capped mangabey (cercocebus torquatus torquatus) from nigeria.we present here a novel, distinct simian t-cell lymphotropic virus (stlv) found in a red-capped mangabey (cercocebus torquatus) (cto-ng409), wild-caught in nigeria, that showed an htlv-2-like western blot (wb) seroreactivity. the complete genome (8920 bp) of cto-ng409 stlv was related to but different from stlv-3/pha-ph969 (13.5 %) and stlv-3/ppa-f3 (7.6 %), and stlv-3/cto604 (11.3 %), found in eritrean and senegalese baboons, and red-capped mangabeys from cameroon, respectively. phylogenetic an ...200313679606
complete sequence of a novel highly divergent simian t-cell lymphotropic virus from wild-caught red-capped mangabeys (cercocebus torquatus) from cameroon: a new primate t-lymphotropic virus type 3 subtype.among 65 samples obtained from a primate rescue center located in cameroon, two female adult red-capped mangabeys (cercocebus torquatus) (cto-602 and cto-604), of wild-caught origin, had a peculiar human t-cell lymphotropic virus type 2 (htlv-2)-like western blot seroreactivity (p24, rgd21, +/-k55). analyses of the simian t-cell lymphotropic virus type 3 (stlv-3)/cto-604 complete proviral sequence (8,919 bp) indicated that this novel strain was highly divergent from htlv-1 (60% nucleotide simila ...200211739691
molecular and phylogenetic analyses of 16 novel simian t cell leukemia virus type 1 from africa: close relationship of stlv-1 from allenopithecus nigroviridis to htlv-1 subtype b strains.a serological survey searching for antibodies reacting with human t-cell leukemia virus type 1 (htlv-1) antigens was performed on a series of 263 sera/plasma obtained from 34 monkey species or subspecies, originating from different parts of africa. among them, 34 samples exhibited a typical htlv-1 western blot pattern. polymerase chain reaction was performed with three primer sets specific either to htlv-1/stlv-1 or htlv-2 and encompassing gag, pol, and tax sequences, on genomic dna from periphe ...200111531406
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