isolation and cultivation in vitro to the infective, metacyclic stage of trypanosoma (nannomonas) simiae from glossina morsitans submorsitans.two separate trypanosome isolations were made from a single nannomonas-infected glossina morsitans submorsitans from the gambia. inoculation of a piglet with the infected hypopharynx produced an infection with trypanosoma simiae. dna was isolated from the bloodstream forms to prepare a probe specific for this species. trypanosomes isolated from the fly midgut were frozen in liquid nitrogen and then cultivated in vitro. amplification of this population and elimination of a yeast contaminant were ...19892566272
molecular identification of different trypanosome species and subspecies in tsetse flies of northern nigeria.animal african trypanosomiasis (aat) is caused by several species of trypanosomes including trypanosoma congolense, t. vivax, t. godfreyi, t. simiae and t. brucei. two of the subspecies of t. brucei also cause human african trypanosomiasis. although some of them can be mechanically transmitted by biting flies; these trypanosomes are all transmitted by tsetse flies which are the cyclical vectors of trypanosoma congolense, t. godfreyi, t. simiae and t. brucei. we present here the first report asse ...201627216812
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