experimental transmission of the parasitic flagellates trypanosoma cruzi and trypanosoma rangeli between triatomine bugs or mice and captive neotropical bats.trypanosoma cruzi and trypanosoma rangeli-like trypanosomes have been found in a variety of neotropical bat species. in this study, bats (artibeus lituratus, carollia perspicillata, desmodus rotundus, glossophaga soricina, molossus molossus, phyllostomus hastatus) were maintained under controlled conditions, and experiments were conducted to determine how they might become infected naturally with trypanosomes. all bats were first screened for existing infections by hemoculture and the examinatio ...200717710299
first finding of trypanosoma cruzi ii in vampire bats from a district free of domestic vector-borne transmission in northeastern argentina.establishing the putative links between sylvatic and domestic transmission cycles of trypanosoma cruzi, the etiological agent of chagas disease, is of public health relevance. we conducted three surveys to assess t. cruzi infection in wild mammals from a rural and a preserved area in misiones province, northeastern argentina, which had recently been declared free of vector- and blood-borne transmission of human t. cruzi infection. a total of 200 wild mammals were examined by xenodiagnosis (xd) a ...201627220254
a comparative study of trypanosoma cruzi infection in sylvatic mammals from a protected and a disturbed area in the argentine chaco.understanding the complex epidemiology of trypanosoma cruzi transmission cycles requires comparative studies in widely different environments. we assessed the occurrence of t. cruzi infection in sylvatic mammals, their infectiousness to the vector, and parasite genotypes in a protected area of the argentine chaco, and compared them with information obtained similarly in a nearby disturbed area. a total of 278 mammals from >23 species in the protected area were diagnosed for t. cruzi infection us ...201626708994
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